When I began in the computer industry in 1973, there werenít any independent certification programs. When certification programs began I already had several years in the PC industry and certificates belonged to the employer who paid the cost of the training. I was a Canon, Apple, Brother and Hewlett Packard trained and authorized serviceman and trainer for the entire desktop laser printer lines, as well as a NASA trained and qualified bench technician. In those days you needed to be authorized before you could even turn a soldering iron on if your customers included NASA and the Military. When I went into business for myself I did not re-certify myself in my own name, I figured if NASA would certify me to repair Space Shuttle components I didnít need to take a class so some other body could say I was qualified to do the job I had been doing for years.


I am a registered Microsoft OEM System Builder and use only the highest quality components in the machines I sell. This means my prices may be a little higher than bargain computers but then you get what you pay for. I donít bundle useless software with my machines to make the value seem greater than it is, (free software is usually worth every penny you pay for it) but I can provide at a reasonable cost most software packages. Such as Quicken/Quickbooks, Microsoft Works, Microsoft Office Basic/Small Business Edition/Pro/Platinum or Word Perfect and more.


I am an Authorized Reseller/VAR for the following companies.
American Power Conversions
Hewlett Packard
QMS Minolta